On May 8, 2023 we announced our transaction to acquire certain accounts and employees of INCORE Capital Management. We close that deal on September 1, and we add Ed Goard, CFA as our Chief Investment Officer, Jim Kelts, CFA as a Senior Portfolio Manager, along with Pamela Iwasko and Brad Filips as Associate Portfolio Managers.
Institutional Investment Advisors - Yousif Capital Management

About Yousif Capital Management

Applying experience and skill for results

Founded in 2021 Yousif Capital Management is an institutional investment advisor that is purpose built to service institutional investors. The firm specializes in offering low cost, rules-based managed funds that are customized to each client’s specific needs. Our team of professionals combine for more than 145 years of investment experience and we leverage our combined skills to seek best outcomes for our clients. We offer services to Sub-Advisory Relationships, Captive Insurance Programs, Municipalities and Socially Responsible Investors.

The Yousif Capital Management Team

Yousif Capital Management Team Photo

The team is led by Kevin Yousif who is the President of the firm. Kevin is joined by Gary Bender as the Director of Fixed Income and Dave Jones as the Director of Global Equities. The team is rounded out with Nicole Rivera as a Portfolio Manager and Rosanna Bennett, our Chief Compliance Officer. The team has a deep relationship that spans more than 20 years between each other. Each of us has known one another for decades and we have kept our team together across multiple professional roles.



Diverse investment solutions
that strive to increase returns

Our mission is to provide investment solutions that offer diversification and increase returns to our clients. We seek to price our services at a fair level that will allow both parties to thrive and enjoy the relationship. We will provide excellent client servicing by listening to our clients, understanding their needs, and providing smart solutions to their challenges. We employ talented, happy, outgoing individuals and will measure our success by our clients’ successes. We will adhere to the highest ethical standards as set forth by the CFA Institute’s Asset Manager Code of Professional Conduct. We treat our clients and ourselves with the greatest of respect and set our clients’ needs before our own. We encourage open communication and constructive debate. Excellence is our goal in everything we do.

Yousif Capital Management Believes That

We are successful by making our clients successful

Our focus on this win-win relationship is important because it is the backbone of every decision we make with our clients going first.

Some of our key tenets are:

Creating and managing rules-based managed strategies that fit our clients’ needs

Creating those strategies based on observed evidence that target a desired outcome

Remaining flexible and being willing to reassess those strategies as needed

Delivering a high customer service experience that meets clients where they want to be met

Offering these services for a competitive cost


Let’s strategize together

Our experienced team is looking forward to meeting you and learning about your goals. Call us or complete the contact form and we will reach out to you shortly!

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