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Yousif Capital Management - Sub-Advisory Relationships

Sub-Advisory Relationships

Yousif Capital Management works with Banks and other Investment Advisors to provide portfolio management services according to their needs. Oftentimes that means directly managing client portfolios according to an agreed upon investment strategy. Other times it means becoming the sub-advisor on a commingled fund. We have an expertise in managing these assets whether the end client is a taxable entity or a tax advantaged one.

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Captive Insurance Programs

Yousif Capital Management works with Captive Insurance programs to manage their assets in a manner that adheres to their beneficiary rules and state regulations. Our process begins with a review of the clients’ risk profile, regulatory needs and their desire for investment returns. The client’s experience with captives, tolerance for impairment and funding determine the risk profile. The beneficiary and state regulations determine the type of assets we can hold and we use our compliance tools to ensure adherence with those regulations. Finally, we create a portfolio strategy that can suit the clients’ needs by targeting a sector of the market that matches their risk and return profile.

We work with captive insurance programs based in Bermuda and can readily work with other offshore captives. Give us a call and we will help.

Yousif Capital Management - Captive Insurance Programs
Yousif Capital Management - Municipalities and Other Pension Plans

Municipalities and Other Pension Plans

Yousif Capital Management works closely with Michigan Municipal clients, their boards and their consultants. We pride ourselves on our long commitment to the MAPERS (Michigan Association of Public Employees Retirement Systems) community and we are proud to have worked with certain municipalities for more than 20 years across different firms.

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Socially Responsible Investors

Yousif Capital Management works with eleemosynary clients across the nation to create socially responsible investment strategies that fit each clients’ needs. We begin with a benchmark and then remove securities that have involvement with businesses that do not fit with the clients’ beliefs. That may mean that we exclude those companies involved with Abortion, Stem Cell Research, Gambling, Smoking, Weapons or other activities as the client sees fit. Our clients usually provide the list of securities to exclude, but we can also help by offering a list.

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Yousif Capital Management - Socially Responsible Investors


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